“hot buttered rum remixed”

first and foremost, i am a poet.
my blood drips ink into tattered pocket notebooks.
and for 18 years many muses have whispered mystical songs.
but it’s been awhile since i’ve written something i liked.
it’s a process.  a practice in persistence.
it builds up and you can feel it inside
until it’s ready to go
until it’s ready to flow . . .

“hot buttered rum remixed”

i’m cool as ice cream
and your hot like rum butter
let’s get 2getha and read
“where did i come from?”

8bit to 16
this is a new genesis
in the beginning was the word
and it was good

but somewhere along the way
we got dizzy and disordered
flying on a rock
that is spinning through space

some people choose confusion
and just aren’t very nice
their actions spoil others
spreading like frog afro lice

infected minds bite blind
sucking on some blood for cash
the rash of avarice itches
till it scabs from the scratch

but those lone wolf rhymes
are over
this is our moment
this is our time

it’s up to us
to do it right
we are the ones
that we’ve been waitin for

mindbombin the bass
with an inner-face
that’s underground and upgraded
with the rays of ra

we b livin from our hearts
and with integrity
cuz pachamama is in
the pangs of a pregnancy

the veil is being lifted
the doors are blowing open
forgotten rooms revealed
ancient secrets are unsealed

and in the whisper of the winds
and the dance of the trees
lies a rhythm unremembered
but it still can move your knees

it trickles down to your toes
and up into your hips
starts a tickle in your spine
electric finger tips

and you start to feel alright
and you smile at the scene
cuz you know the simple secret
that love is supreme

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