“april is ending”


i woke up late
and had dishes to do
but i wanted to write a poem
cuz i wanted to

april is ending
was it just a dream?
did all that really just happen?
it did.
and what was once
just a dream
is now on my screen
and underneath my bed
it’s in my pours
my toes and my cells
seeped into my skin
muscle memories
lights, camera, action
this is real
cuz you make it that way

and there is a lot of work to do
but it’s the work you want to do
and when you look all around
and see your peers and comrades
sisters and brothers
daring to live their dreams into reality

when you follow your dreams wholeheartedly
and dedicate all your days
suddenly everyone else around you is doing it too
and doing it with focus, determination, passion and grace.

so rest when you are weary and smile at the sun.
it won’t be like this forever
but right now is never gonna end.

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