the new year

i wanna write something so i’m gonna even though the write every day for one year project has come to an end and i did take the 1st day of 2o11 off for no new entries though yes notebooks were scribbled in at 7am in oakland as the cold and wet day began, the 1st day of the new year.  up and at-tem and right back atchya the new years night was old school and new, this how you do it now with whatchya know.  writing is part of a religious obligation, for i am first and foremost a scribe, i write cuz i can and cuz i gotta.  i sit at desks wrapped in blankets on saturday nights, smoking oneys and cutting footage from last night.  i read henry miller in bed and nap while waiting to render.  come on down bob barker the game has changed but it’s still a game.  the price is write you daft punk.  work hard and have fun.  unity 1.11.11

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